Custom Orders

Custom Orders

If you don't see anything you love, or you would like a different color, gemstone, or metal, then maybe you should consider a custom order.

There is nothing more special than collaborating with an Artist / Designer on a special piece of jewelry.  Anik just happens to love custom orders and collaborating with her customers.  Some of her best pieces have been custom orders. 

The Fee

The charge is the same as it would be if the piece was made for the Anik Jewel store  The normal price of the jewelry piece is what you will pay.  There is no added premium for custom orders.  Your pricing will have to do with the gemstones and metal you select.  With that said, Anik does custom orders at all price points and budgets.

Why a Custom Piece?

There is nothing more special than giving a piece of jewelry as a gift and being able to say, "I had this custom made for you and worked with the Artist on the design".  Wow!  How exciting. D These types of pieces many times can be classified as family heirlooms.

Time Frame

The time frame for custom orders all depends on how elaborate the piece is and the current workload.  Sometimes Anik can get you your piece in as little as a week and sometimes it can take several weeks.  It also depends on the time of year.  Typically custom orders take longer to deliver during the Holiday season.  Regardless, plan as early as possible if you are thinking about a custom piece.

What is the Process?

First you meet with Anik and go over your wishes.  Sometimes all it takes is one visit, and sometimes you will need a second meeting to pick stones or approve the design.  Anik has done many custom orders by Zoom or telephone for customers who are not in the Albuquerque area.  

Deposit and Installments

A deposit of 50% is required to start the order for in-stock materials with the balance due upon delivery.  If special materials or gemstones will need to be sourced, then a deposit of 75% is required with the balance due upon delivery. 

We offer interest-free installments through Shop Pay.  Let Anik know if you would like to take advantage of paying in installments.  


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