Anik is a Jewelry Designer Artisan and Owner of Anik.  She is from Albuquerque, New Mexico where she lives and operates her studio and passionately crafts her 100% handmade jewelry.  Anik sells her designs through ecommerce markets and social media under the web site www.anikjewel.com and @anikjewelabq.  She also enjoys showing her jewelry in person up close and personal through local markets and art show events. 

Anik is completely self-taught and enjoys learning new techniques and exploring with new materials and elements.  She is known for her unique and interesting designs made with hand woven wires including repurposed guitar strings wires.  She uses only top-quality materials, elements and genuine semi-precious and precious stones sourced only in the USA.

Anik is attracted to and known for her geometric shapes and elements that produce fresh new modern looks.  Her designs are ever changing with the constant of clean geometric recognizable shapes.  

Anik strives to produce designer jewelry with an artistic flare YET is everyday wearable, affordable and sustainable.  

As a brain tumor survivor, Anik donates 10% of her profits to The Barrows Neurological Institute Foundation.