The Power Of One Gemstone

The Power Of One Gemstone

There is just something so very special about the power of just one single Grade A Gemstone on a Neck Piece.  Anik's "signature designs" come on a Gold of Silver chain that swing freely or stationary on Silk or leather. These special pieces are of quality to become family heirloom pieces.

Vegan no metal designs are also available through custom orders.  

The meaning of the particular gemstones can be found in the chart that Anik has completed over the years of research.   

Simple - Sophisticated - Elegant - Highly Curated

And Always Fun

The curated neckpiece to wear, collect and give.

It's a single grade A gemstone bead or grades A pearl on a gold or silver chain.

The wearer curates their piece to make it their own to either be kept private to themselves or to be shared with those who ask.  The decision is up to only the wearer.  That's what makes the piece "Highly Curated."

Simply Choose your pieces by the beauty of the color of the bead and design and color of the chain, or put more into your choice by considering the meaning, energy, and healing properties of the bead.  The choice is up to the wearer.

When you wear, collect, and give your piece, you will always receive the meaning, energy, and healing properties of the bead presented and packaged beautifully making it special.

The Fun of it:

The release of different and exciting variations will be released by Anik the designer.  Some stones will be smooth and polished, some will be faceted and set in bezels, while some will be raw, natural, and matte.  

Wear one or many at the same time.  Collect them by the seasons.  Pull out your bead piece by the seasons. For example, the bead you wear in the winter months may be different than what you wear in the summer.

What you wear may also be determined by the strength in healing that you need on a particular day or season.

Fun to wear and even more fun to collect.  Fun to anticipate the release of new neckpieces by Anik each season.  

Wearing only one bead on a chain has always been sophisticated and elegant and now 

The statement is only up to the wearer. 

Curate the statement you wish, only you.  With this special necklace, it's only the wearer who determines the statement, whether the statement is private to yourself or to be shared with those who ask.  It's only the decision of the wearer.   wishWear your statement jewelry piece where the meaning is only up to you of just one beautiful grade A quality Gemstone or Pearl of the medium of your choice.

Know the meaning of the Gemstone you choose.

A special gift for yourself or someone else in your life.  

You can never go wrong with this special jewelry piece that coordinates with anything from the Jeans and T-Shirt casual look to the evening cocktail dress.  The choice and the meaning are only up to the wearer.



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