Custom Permanent Jewelry

Custom Permanent Jewelry By Anik

Jewelry as Wearable Art

Your experience with your special piece of permanent jewelry deserves to be applied by a trained and certified jewelry artist with years of experience. Be assured Anik has the experience to safely and securely apply your custom jewelry to perfection.

Anik is a jewelry Artist / Designer who individualizes one-of-a-kind permanent jewelry in her Albuquerque studio.

Permanent jewelry is NOT jewelry that is permanently placed in your skin!

Permanent jewelry IS welded on by Anik, experienced, trained, and certified, because permanent jewelry isn't always created equal and must be done securely and safely.

  • No need to take on and off everyday until you want to.  Swim, shower and exercise.
  • 14K Pure Gold, 14K Gold Filled, Sterling Silver, Angentium (Non-Tarnishing Silver), Stainless Steel
  • Curated with pure metals and A-grade gemstones charms (Herkimer Diamonds available). 
  • Bracelets, rings, necklaces, and body chains with or without A-Grade Gemstone charms (metal only charms available).
  • Men and Women, Minors 16 and over, LGBTQ Friendly
  • One-of-a-Kind pieces.  You choose your metal and gemstone charms (if you wish to add a charm).  

Grab your friends and come in for something fun to do together. 

Bring a special person for a gift of infinite jewelry.  What message, meaning or symbolism will you attach?

The experience is more affordable than you may think or have found it to be as of yet.  

No need to fear ...... Rest assured, Anik has the expertise and experience to curate your special permanent jewelry safely and securely.

If you have any questions before you schedule your appointment, feel free to reach out to Anik directly at anik@anikjewel.com or contact Anik here.



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