Rose Quartz Pink Bead Mala (Meditation Beads)

Rose Quartz Pink Bead Mala (Meditation Beads)

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 108 Bead Genuine Mala (Meditation Beads)

Small Bead 6mm



Our Malas are designed simply or elaborate with colors and tassels and charms.  Every design is made authentically with 108 Genuine Gemstone Beads, and 1 Guru Bead or End Bead.  They are constructed with proper positive mantra.  Marker beads will be simple or elaborate depending on the design.   

Our designs are beautiful one-of-a-kind.  No two are the same.  Your selected Mala is guaranteed to be uniquely yours.  

What is a Mala?  What are Mala Beads?

In recent years, it has become common for non-religious individuals to wear Mala beads as a fashion or jewelry statement worn as necklaces or wrapped around the wrist as a bracelet.  They are worn by Men and Women alike.  A Mala is a sacred tool used in prayer or meditation. Beads are used to count breath during meditating, with the number of times a mantra or prayer is recited. They originate from 8th century BC times in India of Tibetan, Hinduism and Buddhist practices.  They are used in the practice of yoga, daily mediation and/or mindfulness; along with gemstone color healing, balancing the chakra, controlling anxiety and many other uses.  

Custom orders are happily taken for custom beads, materials, colors and specific construction mantra.  Message us for your custom request.  


Black:  Confidence - Grounding - Protection - Success

Blue:  Calm - Peaceful - Reflective - Expression - Communication

Brown: Earth - Reliability - Warmth - Honestly

Gray:  Conservative - Formal - Sophisticated

Green:  Personal Growth - Fresh Start - New Opportunities - Empathy - Transformation

Orange:  Break Down Barriers - Enthusiasm - Relatability - Creativity

Pink:  Love - Affection - Harmony - Inner Peace - Compassion

Purple:  Human Potential - Spiritual Values - Expression of the Mind - Vision - Intuition 

Red:  Lack Drive - Direction - Courage - Physical Identity

White:  Wholeness - Peace - Spiritual Purity - Right of Passage

Yellow:  Mental Activity - Creative Inspiration - Clear Open Mind - Will Power


Agate:  Luck - Healing

Amethyst:  Calming - Focus - Control - Anxiety

Amazonite:  Artistic - Creative - Patience - Mood Swings - Grief - Joy

Aventurine:  Positive Energy - Leadership - Decisiveness - Prosperity - Compassion - Empathy - Perseverance

Carnelian:  Grounds in Present Reality - High Energy - Stabilizing - Vitality - Motivation - Creativity

Howlite:  Stimulates Desire For Knowledge - Memory - Calming - Communication - Sleep

Hematite: - Absorbs Negative Energy - Calms Stress and Energy

Sandalwood:  Protection - Success - Good Luck - Clairvoyance

Tiger's Eye:  Earth - Fire - Vitality - Energy - Balance - Strength - Will

Jasper:  Nurturing - Healing - Courage - Wisdom

Black Onyx:  Powerful protection - Transforms Negative Energy - Emotional and Physical Strength - Healing in Grief and Stress



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