Jewelry and Emotion

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Hello Friends:

So I was thinking about Jewelry. Ha! What else would I be thinking about lately? The question is ......... Does Jewelry evoke emotion? Yes! It does!  Absolutely. Jewelry is emotional when you receive it as a gift and as well when you gift it to yourself.   I think back to the very first piece of jewelry I remember receiving as a child from my Dad.  It was a beautiful little ballerina pendant on a gold chain.  It came inside a musical jewelry box.  I immediately felt an emotion that left a quiet smile on my face.  I felt special and like I needed to cherish and take care of that sweet piece of jewelry.  

Of course, I think of the greatest piece fo jewelry evoking the ultimate emotions of Love, Hope, Joy and a multitude of other emotions that are so personal and individual, ............ the one and only "engagement ring".  

With that we also have the emotions of while shopping for jewelry it causes us to sigh and smile and even sometimes let out an "Oooo" sound.  We aren't sure why but we definitely have the emotions that might look something like this.  "Oh, I like this, no I love this, I have to have this!".  These emotions can happen with the smallest simplest everyday jewelry items to the most expensive and most meaningful jewelry.  

So go ahead and shop for jewelry for the health of your own emotions or to evoke emotions while giving jewelry as a gift.  It might even be more fun than shoe shopping!

Yours Truly,



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