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Hello Friends:

I'm Anik.  Let me introduce myself.  

I am an empty nester after raising two wonderful and productive adult children who make me proud.  Their names are Gavin and Carín.  They lend so much to my jewelry designing business.  Gavin, a successful Real Estate Broker knows so much about marketing and advertising, so he lends advice in that area.  Carín is married to Charlie and they both have MBAs from the University of New Mexico so naturally they lend advice on the business side of my business.  Carín is also a fashionista in her own right as well as knows so much about style.  As a glamour girl she approves every new design for quality control and wearability. 

I now have the time to devote to something I really want to do for just myself.  Designing, making and selling jewelry is something I want to do and can do everyday all day easily!  That was a mouthful!  I love it (jewelry designing) that much really!  I literally have to remind myself to eat and sleep. Ha! That's a bit intense I know, but that's who I am.  I do everything to the Nth degree. I'm a perfectionist and try to channel that personality trait for the good.  

So,......Let's Get Started!

I'm from the beautiful city of Albuquerque, New Mexico.  I look forward to meeting you through my jewelry designs.  I will blog at least as often as I am inspired and have news to share with you and certainly when I have a new collection to introduce.  I will be adding in some tidbits as well about my personal life and how it all fits together in my day to day life of jewelry designing.   

I have been attracted to all things design, and beauty all of my life.  I see design and beauty in everything.  Jewelry is one of those elements where design is so easily seen and developed.  I tend to reinvent myself often because I have so many different interests, but I truly believe jewelry design is something that will stick with me for many years.

So.......Look for me on all social media under anikjewelabq.  You will find me everywhere under the same name.  Shopify, Google Shopping, Amazon, Pinterest Shopping, Instagram, Facebook, Ebay and probably somewhere else I'm forgetting about right now.  I will be having several promotions a year that you won't want to miss.  Please subscribe and follow me.  Share my posts if you Like.  Like what you like.  I welcome feedback of the kind kind!  Please and thank you.  Best of all if you are from ABQ, then you will want to look for the events on my website that I will be showing my pieces.  Come by and say hello personally.  I would like that so much.  If you're not from ABQ, come visit!

Finally follow my Blog Posts.  You can create an account on my website to checkout quicker and subscribe to my Newsletter Notifications for "New  Arrivals" designs and new Blog Posts all through my website.  A one stop shop.  

Yours Truly,


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  • Her jewelry is definitely one of a kind. She has jewelry for any occasion. Don’t see what you want? She will do custom orders. I love my earrings and necklaces that I got from her at Girls Night Out! I get compliments on them everytime I wear them. I will definitely buy from her again. I highly recommend her for all your jewelry needs. The owner is also a really cool lady!!

  • I bought an necklace for my daughter & wife during the 2019 Coffee & Chocolate Fest. After a day of having the necklace, my daughter’s broke. I reached out to Anik & she was very apologetic & sent a new replacement along with two sets of earrings. My 7 yr old daughter was super excited & my wife was even happier. The jewelry sold is very classy & many stylish.

    Angelo on
  • All of the jewlery is very thoughtful and creative. I get a lot of compliments and comments on the mismatched earrings.
    They are unique and fun, because you have to use critical thinking in order to see what the connections in design are. Contact Annique for more information.

    Nancy on
  • I have the guardian angel earring and necklace set, I get many compliments on these pieces. I love them! Check them out on Annique’s site

    Ruth on

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