Design is Change and Change is Design!

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So I love everything having to do with design especially elements of shape and color. I’ve been attracted to design all my life in some shape or another. No pun intended! Ha! I didn’t do that on purpose. As a child I would organize, and in essence design the layout of my drawers, closet and even furnishings in my room. I lived for it almost as much as I lived for playing the piano. I wasn’t a neat freak like many would have thought. It was really about everything having a reason, purpose and place in my room. I placed items because they looked just right in that place, angled just so. I was designing as a child and didn’t even know it. As an adult I did the same in my adult homes. To this day, every inch of my home is designed. It’s a bit exhausting and definitely quite expensive to keep up with because I always have a new favorite color scheme that I MUST change, oh.... every few weeks or so! Can you imagine? I have felt a bit unsatisfied because obviously I couldn’t feed the need to design as often as I liked.
It’s been impossible for Charles (my Husband), to keep up with. He never knew what color the bathroom would be styled in would he would get home from a business trip or even worse how much it cost “this time”, to feed my need to change. For me, CHANGE IS DESIGN AND DESIGN IS CHANGE! Whew!
Then my children started to feel it as well, as they grew up. Gavin and Carín (my adult children) were forever getting their bedrooms and bathrooms restyled, redesigned and “CHANGED”. Thank Goodness Carín was a pageant girl growing up because it helped that it did provide me with a lot of change for a lot of years! A lot of headaches too; truth be told although I wouldn’t have changed it for anything.
People who know me, know that I love change. Without having change, you have nothing new to design. Design requires change. Some people just don’t like change and I suppose those are the people that you see wearing the same style wardrobe and hair style for 30+ years or who never change the interior of their homes. Sadly, they don’t like change and so they also don’t like design.
I worked as an Interior Designer and enjoyed it very much. I did well in the field but it was a labor intensive job and hard for me to keep up with. I had been dabbling in jewelry design for many years and then June of 2018 I decided to stop dabbling and start committing to designing jewelry.
Today?, well, I’m in love. I think I’m pretty good at it, because I get positive feedback. It feeds my desire to change. You see, with jewelry you are constantly changing colors and designs. It’s forever evolving. Just perfect for me; you think? So here I am. I can’t wait to wake up in the morning so I can design. I go into bead stores and find myself pulled toward certain gemstones. I am particularly drawn to black onyx, hematite, garnet, jade and jasper. Next week it will probably be different because that’s just the way I am. I believe my loved ones would agree. I’m known for reinventing myself and changing often, but I do believe I have found my life niche with jewelry because I can constantly be changing and reinventing myself as often as I like and still remain the constant of a Jewelry Designer.
Please comment, message me or give me feedback. Have you found the need to change often as well? Do you relate? Do any of my words resonate with you?
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